Our Process

From the farm

The journey of the fresh produce we offer our customers begin at various orchards and farms in Uganda. We partner with third party farmers and growers to meet quality harvest and agreed quantity.

Deliever to warehouse

From the farm we deliver to the warehouse for sorting as well as maintaining freshness. Staff from the ministry of agriculture carries out inspection and awards a certificate to certify that the products meet export quality levels.


At Swift World, we package our fruits and vegetables in cardboard trays, plastic bags and boxes ready for export. We package using modern packaging methods to ensure that they stay fresh during transit. Our main objective during packaging is to maximize space for transportation and storage while minimizing product damage at the same time


We use various means of transportation to ensure that our produce reaches our customers in the best condition as fast as possible. We use refrigerated trucks to store some of our products in optimal conditions as they are transported from our Packaging Plant to the airport. Air transport ensures that our produce reaches our customers within the shortest time while still fresh.

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